Sunday, January 31, 2016

Best Rugs Under $300


Safavieh Hand-Tufted Casablanca Wool Rug 5'x8'


Safavieh Hand-Woven Kilim Wool Rug 8'x10'

Safavieh Hand-Woven Dhurries Wool Rug 6'x9'

Rugs have always been one of my favorite home decor items. The right color, size, and style can change the vibe of everything else in the room. Here are my basic tips on choosing the right rug for your room. 

Define your color palate first. Let's say that your couch is navy, your walls are light grey, and your coffee table is glass and bronze. You would want to avoid picking out a solid colored light grey or navy rug because the grey is already a dominant color and the navy couch is your statement piece. An ivory and grey patterned rug like the first rug would be a nice choice. The grey pulls in your wall color and the ivory is a nice contrast to your statement couch.

Measuring your room is an important step in choosing a size for your rug, if you have a fireplace keep in mind that you want to measure from the end of the hearth (tile in front of the the fireplace). I prefer to cover at least 75% of my rooms width-wise with a rug. Length-wise is where you have to take your furniture and focal points, like a fireplace, into consideration. I like to place the legs of my furniture right on top of or at least on the edge of the rug and for the fireplace to be the center point (whether it's actually in the center of the wall or not). 

Now to choose a style of rug, this is the hard part. The biggest things to consider are the other patterns and styles in the room. If you have a patterned sofa, you might want to consider either a basic stripe pattern (like the second rug), ombre/dip-dyed or solid colored rug. This would allow your couch to be the focal point of the room and keep your room from looking too "busy." If you have all solid colored furniture a patterned rug is the way to go. Kilim and dhurrie patterns are my favorites.

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