Friday, February 12, 2016

Coveted In Time For Valentine's Day: Natori Feathers Set

 Image via lyst
Image via Nieman Marcus

I love buying new sets of lingerie for Valentine's Day and other special occasions. Well-fitting undergarments are the perfect foundation for any outfit and make you feel undeniably sexy, even if you don't usually spring for sexy outfits. 

Natori has been one of my favorite lingerie brands for a few years because I love their feminine aesthetic and fit. Every item comes in so many fun colors and there are a ton of neutral/nude tones to fit most skin tones. I also like that they make several sexy bra and panty sets that don't include push-up or thong styles. Of course there are plenty of push-up and thong options if that's your preference. 

This year I wanted to get a set in a color that is less "traditionally Valentine's Day." Black, pink, and red combinations are lovely, but have been feeling a little bit stale to me lately. I like dark colored sets and this deep navy caught my eye right away. The color is definitely very pretty without feeling too cheesy or Valentine's Day themed.


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