Sunday, February 28, 2016

Maintaining Your Most Coveted Pieces

General Laundry

When I worked in a residence hall it was really interesting just how differently each student did their laundry. Some washed on warm, others on cold. Some students washed with multiple detergents and some washed everything with one. 

I used to wash everything with one detergent with cold water on permanent press. This was before I began collecting more expensive pieces and didn't expect much out of my clothes. Now I try to protect my investment and wash everything with cold water on the delicate setting. My favorite detergent is Woolite Gentle Cycle. I use it for everything, hand wash or machine wash. 

For stain removal, I haven't found a better product than what my dad used growing up. These bars are awesome and don't cause pilling!

Full Grain Leather Boots 

I wear boots almost every day and I wear the same pair over and over. My favorite waterproofing and protector product is UGG Australia's Leather Balm. Before applying the balm I use a hair dryer to heat up the leather. Heat gets the balm to spread over the leather smoothly and in a thin layer. Reapply balm once a month to keep your boots safe. Another great thing about leather balm is that it can cover up minor nicks and scrapes.

When I notice the soles and heels of my boots wearing down and becoming uneven I stop wearing them immediately. It's cheapest and quickest to have them repaired before too much damage has been done. My local shoe repair shop charges about $30 to resurface each pair, way more affordable than a new pair!


I rarely buy suede and sheepskin because they are so delicate. When I do spring for suede, I like to do a lot of prevention. UGG Australia's Stain and Water Repellent is my favorite and it is really affordable, it's only $8 for 6oz. I use it on bags as well as shoes.

The trick to suede and sheepskin is remembering that it has two sides to the grain. So, first push the suede all in one direction then spray and let dry. Next, push it all in the opposite direction then spray and dry again. Only spray a little bit so that the liquid looks like dew sitting on grass. If the material is soaked in any liquid, the color will be changed forever. Reapply the spray monthly to maintain the power of the product. The best way to care for suede is to prevent any damage by avoiding contact with water and dirt.

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