Monday, February 15, 2016

Travel Survival Kit

Image and purchase via Madewell

The Madewell Zip Transport tote is my favorite carry on. It can hold my electronics, hair/skin essentials, and a warm blanket scarf. Not too big and definitely not too small.

Hair Care
Image and purchase via Ulta

I like to keep my hair care as simple as possible on the go.  Not Your Mother's is my favorite sea salt spray, it doesn't try out your hair too much and leaves a very touchable, tousled texture.  It's also super affordable and the coconut scent is amazing!

Image and purchase via Ulta

Mario Badescu's Rosewater spray is a fan favorite all around the internet, and for good reason. It keeps you hydrated and can serve as a setting spray for your make up. I love a product that can do double duty.

Touch Up
Image and purchase via Ulta 

Maybelline FIT me! products have made me a true believer in drugstore make up again. I used to be a Bareminerals girl all the way until I tried the set and smooth powder. If you are a little more oily, there's a matte and poreless formula that you might like even more.

Image and purchase via Nordstrom
If you're like me, you're always freezing on the plane. I love this scarf because of the feminine and neutral palatte, it's also super soft and folds up easily.
Image and purchase via Amazon
Chatty seat neighbors or crying babies your worst nightmare? Pop these acoustic canceling headphones on and you're on your way to an undisturbed ride.  
Image and purchase via Amazon
I love to read when I'm traveling.  It's often the only time that I have without constant connection to enjoy a good book.

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