Thursday, March 3, 2016

Appreciate Thinking: Why Finding Value is Up to You

We all have times when purpose and gratitude are hard to come by. Every day details and tasks can wear us down and suck the joy out of achieving our goals. Appreciative inquiry or lean thinking is one way you can overcome this type of funk.

Appreciative inquiry is when you try to find value instead of finding fault. We often immediately go to a negative place and poke holes in a less than perfect situation. A common phrase used to describe this is thought pattern is, "letting perfect be the enemy of good enough." I like to flip that on it's head and say that, "done is better than perfect." If you hate doing a certain task, let's say vacuuming, just getting it done and being satisfied with it, is better than going over the same spot 10 times in order to get it perfect.

How can this type of thinking help us achieve our goals? When we're feeling really bogged down in the details. It's important to think about how those difficult details are getting you to your dream. Avoid seeing the details and arduous tasks as separate from the dream and instead see them as contributing to the dream. Maybe you absolutely hate thinking about the details of savings and mortgage interest rates. Reminding yourself that these things are part of your dream of homeownership can motivate you to continue on.

You can't always eliminate the hard or boring parts of life, but you can try to minimize their negative impact by choosing to focus on the positive. Giving those mundane tasks meaning is part of feeling better, more often. Finding value in the less pleasant parts of life is up to us, because vacuuming isn't trying to be more fun.  

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