Friday, March 11, 2016

Denim Fit Guide: Boyfriend Jeans

This week's coveted piece is the Boyfriend Jean. The key to the perfect pair of Boyfriend Jeans is fit. I had to try on about 15 pairs at 5 different stores before I found my ideal pair. I settled on these Levi's 501CTs because of the thick material, perfect (for me) length, and comfy fitting cut. Here are my tips for finding your best fit.

Denim Fit Tips


1. Grab multiple sizes in the same pair. Sometimes it's hard to deviate from the size you normally wear, just remember, only you see the tag. Everyone sees the fit. If you want a true borrowed from the boys fit, size up. If you like your denim slimmer, a size down could be your perfect fit.

2. Try multiple fabrics in the same cut. The color of the fabric and distressing can change the way you feel about the overall look.

3. The sit test, I always sit down in the dressing room. Everyone has different preferences for how much or little give they prefer in their denim. Sitting will give you an idea of how comfortable the jeans are for sitting at work all day or on a long car/plane ride.

4. Finally, ask yourself these questions to cement your decision. Do you like them? Do they fit? Are they well made? Do they bring you joy? If you've said yes to all of them, you've found your perfect pair!

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