Friday, March 25, 2016

Fighting Overwhelm: Avoiding Fast Fashion Stores

After a long day of learning at a conference during the day I like to unwind with some dinner and shopping with colleagues. I've avoided shopping brick and mortar style in department and fast fashion stores for a really long time. Some of the stops we made were Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo. After these stops I remembered why I avoid these types stores... I felt overstimulated, exhausted, and ready for a drink. I also left without purchasing a thing.

Upon reflection some of the factors that overwhelm me in a store are:

1. Multiple floors or shop sections
2. Scattered styling (jackets, pants, accessories, and tops all in one tiny section)
3. Scattered lighting (some sections bright and some dark)
4. Loud music
5. Pressure from others to make a choice quickly 

These factors all make it really difficult for me to focus and style a look. When I'm lost and overwhelmed it's hard for me to remember what I already have in my closet and if the item in front of me would fit in well.

When I think of things that I can look for in a store to limit overwhelm, environment comes up first. If there's inconsistent or bright lighting and loud music, the store is not for me. If there are tons of brand choices and scattered styling, the store is not for me. These restrictions make it really hard for me to shop brick and mortar.

Enter online shopping. When shopping online I can control my environment. Having control of the lighting, music, and time limit on decision making are incredibly liberating. If I need the opinion of a friend I can text or message a link. This is much better than forcing them to watch my try the same two pairs of jeans for the forth time.

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