Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How to Throw Your Own Quitting Party

Image via Megan Galante

Sometimes, the only way to make a situation better is to quit. Quit a job, quit a relationship. Quit while you're ahead or quit once you're behind, it doesn't matter. I think that quitting is a very brave thing to do and is worth celebrating!  So here's my party kit for your "I QUIT!" Party.



 I love little enamel pins, this one captures the "I quit," sentiment completely.


Blanton's Bourbon

If there's ever a time to test out a spendy new bourbon, quitting time is the time to do it. 

Boots Made for Walking


I've been a huge fan of Frye boots for years now.  These campus boots have been a regular in my wardrobe for almost 10 years!

Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream

A little bit of Sebastian Joe's Oreo or Nicollet Avenue Pot Hole can go along way in easing your frustrations. 

Your Best Dance Moves

Charlotte Oreilly

**This post was inspired by Kate Arends' Post- How To: Throw a Proper Pity Party

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