Thursday, March 31, 2016

Modern Classics: Modernica Case Study Planter

One of my favorite ways to add color to a space is by adding plants. In addition to adding great pops of color, plants can serve as little air filters (great for pesky allergies). I decided last fall that I wanted to find a fiddle leaf fig tree to call my own. Soon after finding the plant, I knew that I needed an equally cool planter to put it in.

I checked CB2, which is one of my favorites for accessories, but couldn't find anything that fit with our decor. A few minutes later an email from dwell popped into my inbox and gave me little bit of mid-century modern inspiration. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it, The Modernica Case Study Planter.

I love the wood stand, the simple shape, and the white color. It was and still is perfect perched in front of the window of our bedroom. The fig tree doesn't look half bad either... What's your favorite way to style plants in your home?

Modernica Case Study Planter

 Images via Modernica

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