Thursday, April 7, 2016

Edie & Me

Edie on Adoption Day

I grew up in an animal loving household. My family had fish, rabbits, hamsters, a dog, and a cat as pets. I knew as an adult that I really wanted a puppy of my own. I had dreamed of a Newfoundland puppy while I was in college. Little did I know that I was headed for a career in student affairs with the first 4 years spent as a Hall Director (read: living in residence hall, not allowed to have a dog).

After leaving my position as a Hall Director I knew that I really wanted to get a puppy. The big question was whether I want to adopt or shop. My friends had mostly shopped and had purebred Golden Retrievers or hunting Labrador Retrievers. My family has always shopped as well, my brother has a hunting English Cocker Spaniel and we grew up with a purebred Poodle. After doing some research of my own and knowing that I wanted a companion/family dog, I decided to adopt.

The day we brought Edie (short for Edith) home we were "just looking." We had visited two locations of our local Animal Humane Society and didn't find a puppy that we connected with. On a whim, we stopped at one last location in Como Park on the way home. We walked back into the kennel area and saw this extremely fluffy black and white puppy.

Edie on Adoption Day

This little fluff muffin had the fluffiest fur and most mischievous eyes. Her tail wagged so wildly with joy that it slapped against the sides of her crate. We knew we had to take her home that day. Fast forward 7 months and 45lbs (about 60lbs total and still growing) and we're still just as in love with her.

Edie today at 10 months

Edie has totally changed our lives. Having a puppy requires a really good sense of humor and a willingness to sacrifice some of your things to the teething phase. Investing in her development through puppy classes and at home training has helped me to develop a lot of patience and creativity. As I write this she is asleep, snoring gently at my feet and I'm really looking forward to all of the things being her dog mom will continue to teach me.


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