Friday, April 22, 2016

Hair Challenge: The Rainy Day

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I've always had unruly hair, doubly now that I bleach and tone it within an inch of its life.  The only thing worse than a normal hair day is a rainy day. The humidity gives me frizz and any attempts at styling fall flat immediately. These days I've learned to roll with my hair an embrace its quirks.

When a rainy day does happen, like they often do in April. My secret is NO HAIRSPRAY, GELS, or MOUSSE. These products just make my hair sticky on top of it being flat and frizzy. So instead of using heavy duty styling products I've started to use oil with keratin and sea salt spray. My hair's texture is still a little funky but the frizz is tamed and there's no sticky feeling.

These are my favorite sea salt sprays and oils.






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