Monday, April 25, 2016

Summer Hydration



Let's talk hydration. We all know that drinking water is good for us inside and out. However, how do get ourselves to drink more of it?

The big barrier for me has been finding an appealing water bottle. I'm a pretty klutzy person and I drop my things all of the time. As a result I have 3 or 4 aluminum water bottles that are chipped, scratched and dented. Plastic water bottles change the flavor of water on a hot day... So what kind of a water bottle does that leave me with????  A GLASS ONE!

My first concern when I got my bkr bottle was durability. In the first day I had it I dropped it off of the TSA conveyor belt and then it took a tumble down the stairs a O'Hare... Oops. It survived both of those drops! Another thing I love about bkr bottles is the relatively small size of the opening. Who else has taken a drink of water on the train when the conductor hits the breaks and all of a sudden you're drenched? The smaller opening is similar to that of the opening on a 20oz soda bottle and is a lot more manageable on a bike, train, or bus.

There's a full line of cool colors available. My favorite is the nude color below.

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