Friday, May 13, 2016

Best Wedding Guest Outfits (No Knee Length Dresses Here)

Image via Paola Delucca

I've started to notice more and more engagement announcements popping up in my feed lately. This of course brings to mind thoughts of the types of weddings each will have and what I'm going to wear on their big day.

Some of the basics of wedding guest style are:

1. Never try to up stage the bride (avoid bright red, other vibrant hues and of course, white)
2. Avoid wearing a dress in the exact shade of bridesmaids' dresses
3. You'd rather overdress than under dress (more formal and more skin covered)
4. You've got to be comfortable (think temperatures, sitting vs standing time, especially shoes)

Keeping all of these things in mind, and the fact that I don't love knee-length dresses for a formal occasion, here are my dress alternatives.








Pencil Skirt and Crop









  1. Thanks a ton for these inspirations for best wedding guest outfits. All these dresses are simply amazing. I am going to attend a wedding next month at Chicago wedding venues and will like to buy that jumpsuit for attending the ceremony.


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