Friday, May 6, 2016

Favorite Puppy Products

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Edie is almost one year old! I can't believe we've had her for 9 months! We're learned so much about dogs and ourselves in the last year. So it's time to pass a little bit of that hard won wisdom on to you. Click the headers to buy the products.





The PetSafe Easy Walk Harness has saved us a lot of leash training grief. I love that it's super easy to slip over her head and gives her gentle corrective cues. We positively reinforce good leash manners with lots of Zuke's training treats. Edie's favorites are the duck flavored treats.




Edie chewed through two beds before we wised up and invested in the Orvis ToughChew Dog Bed. She's tried to shred this one and has failed miserably thus far. We loved the warranty that Orvis offers just in case she finds a way to destroy it.  



Edie is the type of dog that chews up a brand new toy then starts groaning from boredom 10 seconds later. We knew that we had to find a solution to keep her developing and very active mind busy during meal times. So we found the PetSafe Busy Buddy Mushroom toy. We load her meals into it and she tips it over and over until every piece of kibble is out. The process takes her about 10 minutes per cup of food.

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