Friday, May 27, 2016

Merging Households and Tastes

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When merging households and picking out new pieces as a couple, there's always back and forth. It can be difficult figuring out what your shared style is. We are very lucky and haven't had too many battles over decor. Color preference is something that we've never really had to compromise over.  However, I love things that feel clean and he loves things with a bohemian edge.

To convey those two seemingly contradictory styles, we settled on light marigold walls with lots of blue and white accents.  Oh, and plants, lots and lots of plants. Things got a little more complex when we started looking for a rug that fit in with our current set up. I knew that it might take awhile to find the right rug and after about 3 weeks of patience, a perfect one popped up on ecarpetgallery's ebay store.

I loved the experience of searching through ecarpetgallery's ebay store. You get to sort though thousands of unique and beautiful rugs until you find your favorite. Their images accurately represent the rugs' patterns and colors. Customer service was super responsive when I had quite a few questions. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of our rug or with the service we got. I absolutely recommend shopping with them.

Now about the rug we picked out... I have always been drawn to the patterns in Bohkara rugs. My boyfriend shares my taste in patterns so it was easy to settle on a pattern. The colors were a little more difficult to agree on. He's drawn more to reds and blues and I'm drawn to warm neutrals. Given our current wall color and the color of our hardwood floors, warm neutrals won out this time.

In honor of our new rug's color scheme... Here are my tips for decorating with Gold and Taupe.

Pair with White Walls

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Use Gold Statement Pieces on Taupe Walls

Image via Amara

Color Block Your Walls


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Add Blush to Soften the Look

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**Merchandise credit was given in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own. Check out ECG's ebay store here.

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