Monday, May 23, 2016

Responsible & Afforable Brand: FASHIONABLE

I did a lot of soul searching after I watched The True Cost on Netflix. The first iteration of changes I made was to buy fewer, higher quality things. I am hoping now to move to buying fewer, high quality, and ethically made things.

I needed a new bag after my much beloved Ralph Lauren bag wore out after 5 years of daily use. So I set out in pursuit of a company that makes bags ethically and has a social responsibility element to their business. FASHIONABLE floated to the top quickly. 

FASHIONABLE has the most beautiful leather bags (and other accessories) and everything is made by women both locally and globally who have overcome extraordinary circumstances (anything from addiction to depression to human trafficking). 

I'm still deciding between the handbag and the saddlebag. Which one is your favorite?



Saddlebag (My Favorite)

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