Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer Best Entertaining Tips & Barware

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June is here and as the temps climb I get antsier and antsier to throw a summer party. These are some of my party prep tips.

1. Plan everything to death, then do it again.

I can't take time off before every party I host so I like to start a few weeks ahead of time. Once I know a date, I plan for what type of food and drinks I want to serve right away. I don't pull recipes or anything right away, I let the guest list dictate those specifics.

2. Delegate and outsource. 

There are some things that are more time and cost effective to do yourself, like, making a salad. There are other things that it definitely helps to hire out for. I don't have the best baking skills so I like to buy the baked goods for parties, especially if I know they goods need to be vegan or gluten free.

3. Make adjustments.

You know what they say about the best laid plans... It's really important to go back and keep checking your guest list. If you have 12 guests and you know that 6 of them are vegan, that might change your menu a bit. I check the guest list once a week the first two weeks and then every day of the last week so that adjustments can be made easily.

4. Always have a fully stocked (and pretty) bar.

See my favorite bar essentials below.

Wooden Tray 



Wooden trays bring a little bit of warmth to your bar set up. They balance out the shininess of all of the glass and metal that a full stocked bar contains.


Cocktail Shaker 



I love the unique shape of this bar classic. The slightly squared off shape makes this classic modern.

Textured Tumbler



Tumblers are a bar essential. They're a safe bet for serving anything in if you don't have the appropriate glass or if you aren't sure which cocktail glass to use.

Gold Bottle Stopper


I know that it's tempting to skip bottle stoppers. However, it's really important to create an airtight seal so that your wine is preserved after you open it.

Whimsical Ice Bucket


This ice bucket is ridiculous and perfect. Once that party's over you can you it as a cookie jar or a pretty accent piece.

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