Monday, August 15, 2016

Berry Lipsticks for Fall

There's nothing better than shopping for a new season of beauty products. Over the last few years lipstick has become my favorite way to add a pop of color. I used to be a little bit shy and stick solely to nudes and sheer light pinks. I've decided to try to get a little more bold for the end of summer and fall by trying some new colors and finishes. These are my reviews of the berry lipsticks I've tried.

Urban Decay- Sheer Shame 


Finish: Sheer and shine
Comfort: Smooth and non-drying
Color payoff: Minimal
Staying power: 1-3 hours, not through a meal or even one drink

Bite- Beetroot



Finish: Satin
Comfort: Smooth and non-drying
Color payoff: Opaque and excellent
Staying power: 5+ hours, through a meal


  1. I love Urban Decay!! Love the naked palettes and this lipstick looks great as well.

  2. I love berry and deep reds for fall.


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