Sunday, December 4, 2016

Portland at Syndicate Holiday Favorites

The holiday season is here and I'm getting ready for the season by sharing my favorites with you. We don't really decorate for the holidays because Edie (our huge and spirited Great Pyrenees mix) isn't safe with a tree without supervision. So instead, I've started preparing for ways to celebrate in ways other than decor. 

Here are my favorites!




I'm in love with this beautiful midi dress from Anthropologie. The color is so beautiful and it slinks so comfortably over your skin. I've styled it with a fisherman's sweater over the top and with my demin sherpa jacket.




We love shortbread cookies at our house. These are an amazing twist on a classic. The nutmeg, brown sugar and pecans add a distinctly Christmasy flavor. Get the recipe from the NYT here.




1/2 oz sweet vermouth
3 oz of chilled mulled cider
Shake with ice
Garnish with cinnamon

I've been mourning the fact that liquor stores around the cities have stopped carrying 2Xmas Ale for the last couple of years. So I've had to move on to boozier pastures with this holiday inspired cocktail.

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