Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Post-Wedding Fatigue & Shame

I know that I can't be the only bride who's ever experienced post-wedding fatigue. After months, if not years, of planning and talking about your wedding it can seem a bit superficial to go on and on about your big day. I've frequently found myself embarrassed to discuss the details of my wedding with folks now that it's over. So much so that in order to escape these conversations I've pretended to be married for "a while" or "a couple of years" so that no one is interested in asking about my venue and other specific details.

I know that these folks are coming from a good place, but, I do find it deeply embarrassing to talk about the most expensive day of conspicuous consumption I've ever participated in. It's not that I have any regret. I loved my vendors and the day went perfectly. Sometimes though, I help thinking about the total bill and feeling a tinge of deep shame. To talk about it with people who are new to my life while still dealing with that shame can be deeply embarrassing.

I have a lot of unpacking of feelings to do in order to figure out why I feel this way. We had the wedding we could afford and it was beautiful. So why do I feel so shameful?

Has anyone else experienced post-wedding fatigue or shame? 

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