Monday, January 16, 2017

Out with the Old...

wood and white kitchen:

Image via Domino by Jason Frank Rothenberg

Some people like to make New Year's Resolutions and do Spring Cleaning. I prefer to do New Year's Cleaning and Spring Resolutions. This is mostly due to the climate in Minnesota. Minnesota winters are far too harsh to commit to a new outdoor exercise routine or a diet of more locally grown foods.

For New Year's Cleaning I had some major goals for getting rid of things that we have an excess of or just too little space to store. We received updated versions of many small household appliances for our wedding. Instead of donating or disposing of our old (and honestly, half functional) small appliances, we held onto them. Our kitchen feels much lighter and more functional after sorting through and ridding it of duplicates.

The next area in which we were experiencing some discomforting clutter was the closet. Our closet has a five foot long bar for hanging our clothes on and for two admittedly fashion conscious individuals, this is tough. He tends to hold onto worn shirts in his favorite fits and I tend to hold onto fraying jeans with holes in less than appropriate places. Our closet is much less crowded and it's easier to get dressed after purging those things.

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